APA 7th Edition Template

The 7th edition of the APA Manual is available on the reserve shelf in the library. 

Formatting tips (7th ed)

  • No running head is required

  • Every page has a page number in the header, top right corner

  • Cover page has title of paper in bold, capitalize all major words, no word limit

  • Title, author name, university, course name and number, instructor name, assignment due date positioned in the upper-middle of the page.

  • One blank double-spaced line under title

  • Use same font size for everything in the document

  • Entire document is double spaced

  • Permitted fonts:  Times New Roman-12 pt; Georgia-11 pt; Calibri-11 pt; Arial-11 pt; Lucida Sans—10 pt

  • One inch margins

  • One space after a period

  • Use ‘et al.’ for 3 or more authors (exception—include as many authors as needed to distinguish between sources with the same first author)

  • If a quotation is more than 40 words, use a block quote format

  • Cite the specific page number of direct quotes in text

  • If no page numbers are available, you can include the paragraph number in text (Mayo Clinic, n.d., para. 2) or the section header (Mayo Clinic, n.d., Complications section)

  • Under Layout->Paragraph->Indents and Spacing.  Make sure ‘Don't Add Space Between Paragraphs Of The Same Style’ is checkmarked.

  • Source with two authors (note difference in ‘and’ and ‘&’)—

    • (Loveless & Grifith, 2014)

    • Loveless and Griffith (2014)

A sample paper is on page 61.

Referencing tips (7th ed)

  • References should be alphabetical order and double spaced

  • Include DOI as hyperlinked URL if available.  Do not include a URL or database information for works from academic research databases.  Include a URL for ebooks from other websites.  Do not put a period after the DOI or URL.

  • Capitalize only the first word of the journal article and subtitle

  • Same author and same year—use a and b after year (2015a)

  • Use hanging indents

  • Include up to 20 authors

  • Every in text citation should be cited on your reference page and vice versa.  Personal communication does not apply to this rule (it requires only an in text citation).

  • Do not use ‘retrieved from’

  • Leave hyperlinks

  • No place of publication needed for books in 7th ed

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