Lamination Guidelines

Blessing Health Professions Library provides lamination services for the departments of Blessing Health System.  The purpose of the laminating program is to preserve materials that are subject to "heavy-wear" situations (i.e. items handled frequently by many people) or that will be used for several years. Lamination request forms can be found below or on the BH BRAIN.  Attach the completed request form to the job.  Lamination is done by student assistants on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Once the job is completed, your materials will be sent through interdepartmental delivery.  If you would prefer to pick up your request, please check the appropriate box on the lamination request form.  The circulation desk at the library is available for lamination drop-off and pick-up.  If we have questions about specific items, we will contact the responsible party by phone or email before the item is laminated.  

Please note:

  • We can laminate jobs up to 24” wide.
  • Allow 24-72 hours for jobs to be completed.
  • Materials will be laminated in the condition they are received. We do not print, copy, or cut out items before they are laminated.
  • Materials will be returned to you untrimmed.
  • Please remove all tape, staples, paper clips, envelope clasps or any other sharp item protruding from the materials to be laminated as they will damage the rollers.
  • Items that are too thick or have a gloss finish may not seal.
  • On rare occasions items get damaged during lamination; therefore keep a copy for your records.
  • Contact the library at x6970 if you have questions.

Lamination Request Form

Please print the form, fill out clearly, and accompany the form with the job to be laminated.

Lamination Request Form (PDF)

Lamination Request Form (Word)