The quality of your clinical experience (clinicals) can make all the difference in smoothly transitioning from student to healthcare professional. At Blessing-Rieman, we combine clinicals with coursework so you can apply new concepts as you learn them. As a result, you will enter the workforce with superior skills that are noticed by potential employers.

Clinicals at Blessing-Rieman College 

Clinicals at Blessing-Rieman go beyond basic requirements. We give you additional opportunities to practice clinical skills and receive personalized instruction. Our comprehensive approach sets the foundation for a successful career.

Highlights of clinicals at Blessing-Rieman include:

  • Reputable clinical sites: Your clinicals take place at many reputable sites, so you receive a variety of clinical experiences. Sites include schools and nursing homes around the area, as well as our parent organization, Blessing Hospital. Blessing treats more than 200,000 patients per year, enabling doctors and nurses to offer a level of care that is typically only available in major metropolitan areas. Learn more about Blessing Hospital.
  • Commitment to your success: Nursing students from all over the country transfer to Blessing-Rieman because we offer the clinical hours needed to meet degree requirements. Find out more about our nursing and health sciences programs.
  • Access to our Simulation Center: In this sophisticated learning environment, you practice clinical skills on simulated manikins. For example, you can practice taking care of a baby manikin with a pulse you can hear and feel. Find out more about our Simulation Center.

Clinicals at Blessing-Rieman: What to Expect

It is natural to be nervous as you start preparing for clinicals. At Blessing-Rieman, we take extra steps to explain what to expect, so each session is a robust, fulfilling learning experience.

Your clinicals experience will include:

  • Working with instructors you already know and trust: During clinicals, you may work with the same instructors that teach your coursework. This consistency lets you focus on performing to the best of your abilities. Meet our faculty and staff.
  • A graduated approach: Working first in the Simulation Center allows you to practice basic skills before caring for patients. For example, you practice giving shots to a child-sized manikin before giving one to a pediatric patient.
  • Personalized feedback: During clinicals, you receive individualized and small group instruction. This level of personalized feedback brings your skills to the next level.

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