Blessing-Rieman College of Nursing & Health Sciences is excited to offer you as a high school student the opportunity to experience college level nursing and health sciences classes before you even graduate! The courses we offer are conveniently online to allow you to work on your courses around your busy schedule.  These courses also count towards your degree if you choose to attend Blessing-Rieman College after you graduate high school. 

Courses offered

  • Introduction to Forensics in Nursing - 2 credit hours
    • Designed to introduce you to this specialty practice area of nursing. You will learn the history of Forensic Nursing and Forensic Science, careers related to Forensic Science and Nursing, evidence collection, crime scene investigation, and basics of the criminal justice system
  • Communication for Healthcare Professionals - 2 credit hours
    • Helps you enhance your communications skills to become a healthcare professional. You will focus on verbal and nonverbal communication skills, active listening, and therapeutic approaches to interacting with patients. You will also learn about language and cultural diversity needs and skill development with electronic communication techniques.
  • Fundamentals of Nutrition - 2 credit hours
    • Covers the fundamental nutritional concepts throughout the lifespan, menu modifications based on dietary and cultural needs, contemporary problems associated with nutrition, and nutrition solutions during health alterations. You will be able to safely apply basic nutritional concepts to patient care situations related to health promotion and health altering conditions.
  • Medical Terminology - 2 credit hours
    • Helps you learn the background in the language of medicine and health care. You will use a system of learning medical terms from root words, combining forms, prefixes and suffixes. At the completion of this course you will be able to recognize, build, define, and correctly spell medical terms.
  • Introduction to Interprofessional Healthcare - 2 credit hours
    • Introduced you to interprofessional teamwork within the health care system. You will learn about concepts in interprofessional education to health profession students for collaborative patient, family, and community health care. Interactive learning experiences will provide you the opportunity to develop knowledge and understanding of each profession’s contribution to health care.

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How to Apply

Complete the BRCN Application & Registration form and return to your guidance counselor at your high school. 


Courses are $155 per credit hour.  Tuition is due one week before classes begin.  For questions or to pay your tuition please contact our Bursar's Office at 217-228-5520, ext. 6996 or


For questions or additional information, please contact our admissions team at or 217-228-5520 ext. 6964.