Thank you for selecting Blessing-Rieman for your nursing or health sciences education. You are now part of an elite group of health professionals, leaders, and educators. In addition to robust curricula, we offer additional programs and services so you can achieve your academic goals.

Information for Current Blessing-Rieman Students

Because we are a small program, faculty and staff at Blessing-Rieman can give you personalized attention through special programs and services.

These programs and services include:

  • Our Simulation Center: Students whose programs require clinical experience start off in our Simulation Center. In this sophisticated facility, you practice clinical skills in a simulated environment, which prepares you to provide excellent care for your future patients. Find out more about our Simulation Center.
  • Support: If you ever need assistance, instructors are available outside of class to work with you one-on-one. We also offer tutors who can assist you with coursework and test-taking strategies. Find out more about our Learning Resource Center.
  • Academic advisors: We assist you in navigating all the requirements that must be met to earn your degree. Our advisors have years of experience in providing support that allows students to meet degree requirements. Meet our faculty and staff.
  • Clinical experience: Your education includes regular sessions in a clinical setting (clinicals). Read more about clinical experience (clinicals).
  • Easy access to information: We make it easy for current students to find useful information, such as which courses to take and where to go for assistance. Students can even reset webmail passwords online when necessary. Find out more about information for current students.
  • Our library: The Blessing Health Professions Library offers access to thousands of journal articles along with special services, such as poster printing. You can meet academic requirements without leaving campus. Find out more about our library.
  • Alumni services: As you approach graduation, we hope you will stay in touch with us. Join the Blessing Nurses Alumni Association and participate in a tradition of nursing fellowship and service that has been in place since 1900. Find out more about alumni services.

Contact Us

For additional information about our programs or how to apply, contact us at 217-228-5520, email us at, or apply now.