As part of your clinical experience, you will have the opportunity to train in our Simulation Center. In this sophisticated learning environment, you can master clinical skills, so you feel confident the moment you enter a real clinical setting.

The Simulation Center at Blessing-Rieman: Clinical Education

Medical simulation is a teaching technique that enables you to develop clinical skills while caring for our simulated manikins.

Highlights of the Simulation Center at Blessing-Rieman include:

  • Specialized instruction: In the Simulation Center, you receive instruction from some of the same faculty members you already know from the classroom. Our team includes instructors who specialize in simulations, which allows you to maximize each experience. Meet our faculty and staff.
  • Research and leadership: Through research, we explored the impact that simulations had on our students’ learning experiences. We discovered that students experienced less anxiety and felt more engaged in their education. Our team presented these findings at national conferences so other programs could benefit from our knowledge.
  • Experience working with different types of patients: Our Simulation Center includes male, female, and pediatric manikins in addition to a birthing mother. Practicing on a variety of manikins during your clinical experience prepares you to meet each patient’s unique needs. Find out more about the clinical experience (clinicals).

Our Simulation Center: What to Expect

The Center is a complete hospital unit with nine patient rooms and a nurses’ station. Take a sneak peek by going on a virtual tour.

Our manikins offer lifelike functionality, including:

  • Blinking
  • Breathing
  • Speaking pre-programmed phrases, such as “my stomach hurts”
  • Maintaining a pulse you can hear and feel

We begin by teaching you basic skills, such as taking a health history. As you progress through the program, simulations become more complex to teach higher-level skills. For example, instructors may program manikins to mimic medical complications, such as uncontrolled bleeding after childbirth. After each session, our instructors meet with you to discuss successes and areas for improvement.

Find Out More About Our Simulation Center

Prospective Students

If you are interested in attending Blessing-Rieman, you are welcome to tour our Simulation Center. Contact your admissions counselor for information, or learn more about admissions.

Prospective Students

In addition to coursework, reading our Simulation Center Handbook and watching instructional videos can assist you in preparing for your upcoming education. Our Simulation Center staff is happy to answer any questions you may have. 

Watch our instructional videos:

Foley Insertion and Removal

IV Insertion and Removal

IV Pump

IV Push Medications

Central Line Dressing Change

Blood Draw through a Central Line

Tracheostomy Care

Suctioning via a Tracheostomy


The Simulation Center at Blessing-Rieman is located at:

The Blessing Education Center
5009 Oak Street
Quincy, IL 62305

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For additional information about our programs or how to apply, contact us at 217-228-5520, email us at, or apply now.