APA 6th Edition Template                  

The 6th edition of the APA Manual is available on the reserve shelf in the library.  The 2012 APA Guide to Electronic References is available online and in the library.  Please call the library at 217-228-5520 x6970 for the password.

Formatting tips
Title Page: 
(1) Page headers are in the upper right corner of the title page and the rest of the pages—only page numbers. 
(2) Running head is left justified on same line as the page number on the title page, and repeats there on each subsequent page in the header, without the term Running Head. The title is in all caps on all pages. 
(3) Title, byline, and affiliation are in the middle of top half of the title page. 

A sample is on page 41. 

Referencing electronic sources 
The introduction of the DOI (digital object identifiers) as the “address” of journal articles, replacing URLs. See Chapter 6.31, p. 187. The doi is usually found on the top or bottom of the article title page. 

There are still five levels, but if you only use one level, you use Level 1; if you use two, you use Level 1 and Level 2, etc. See Chapter 3.02-.03, pp. 62-63. 

How do I cite PowerPoint presentation slides?
Use the format given for conference handouts for unpublished papers or presentations.  If the slides are from a class, be sure to indicate the date, class, and university.  When making reference to a particular slide, refer to the slide's number in place of the page number so that readers can quickly find the information.
Smith, A. B. (2012, March 4).  Abnormal behaviors.  Presented at a NSG 327 lecture at Blessing-Rieman College of Nursing & Health Sciences.

How do I cite my lecture notes?
Consider it as 'personal communication' because it includes 'unrecoverable data'.  Personal communications are only cited within the text and are not included in the reference list.
In a lecture on January 20, 2012, to a NSG 322 class, Professor Smith said...(A.B. Smith, NSG 322 lecture, January 20, 2012).

How do I cite a class handout?
Since a handout can be requested by a reader from the professor the class, 'unpublished paper or presentation' is the most similar type of reference.  Your professor should be considered the author.  Be sure to provide information about the class and university.
Smith, A. B. (2010, Spring).  Abnormal behavior in children.  NSG 322:  Blessing-Rieman College of Nursing & Health Sciences.

How do I cite an article from a course packet?
The reference should be based on the specific source.  If you are using information from a handout in the course packet, use the format suggested for 'Class Handout'.  If it is a journal article, it should be cited as a journal article.  Don't focus on the packet as a whole; focus on the individual source.  Include as much information in the citation as your can, and leave out what you don't know.

How do I cite laws or court decisions?
Please refer to Westfield State College's "Citing Legal Materials in APA style".

Citation Examples 
Journal article, one author 
Thompson, H. J. (2005). Fever: A concept analysis. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 51, 484-492. 

Journal article, two authors 
Pence, C., & McErlane, K. (2005). Anticoagulation self-monitoring. American Journal of Nursing, 105(2), 62-65. 

Kindle e-book
Nieswiadomy, R. M. (2011). Foundations of nursing research [Kindle version]. Retrieved from http://www.amazon.com

Book, edited 
Fortnash, K. M., & Holoday Worret, P. A. (Eds.). (2004). Psychiatric mental health nursing. St. Louis, MO: Mosby. 

Chapter from an edited book 
Roy, A. (1995). Psychiatric emergencies. In H. I. Kaplan & B. J. Sadock (Eds.), Comprehensive textbook of psychiatry (6th ed., pp. 1729-1752). Baltimore : Williams & Wilkins. 

Media: identify the media, ie. DVD, CD, audio podcast 
Mass, J. B. (Producer), & Gluck, D. H. (Director). (1979). Deeper into hypnosis [DVD]. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice Hall. 

Articles from online sources 
Burke, L. & Williams, M. G. (2001). Celebrating a commitment to care: Building concernful practices among practitioners. Journal of Nursing Education, 50, 51-54. doi:1 0.3928/01484834-20101029-07 

Burton, C., & Gibbon, B. (2005). Expanding the role of the stroke nurse: A pragmatic clinical trial. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 52, 640-650. Retrieved from http://www.blackwell-synergy.com 

Article with DOI
Hamilton, R. J., & Bowers, B. (2007). The theory of genetic vulnerability: A Roy model exemplar. Nursing Science Quarterly, 20, 254-264. http://dx.doi.org/10.1177/0894318407303127

American Public Health Association. (2005). Influenza, disaster preparedness, bioterrorism, reproductive health and health care access among top public health concerns. Retrieved from http://www.apha.org 

Government websites 
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion. (n.d.). Healthy people 2010. Retrieved from http://www.health.gov/healthypeople 

Electronic book with editor 
Canale, S. T., & Beaty, J. H. (Eds.). Canale & Beaty: Campbell’s Operative Orthopaedics (11th ed.). (2007). Philadelphia: Mosby Elsevier. Retrieved from books/linkTo?type=bookPage&isbn=978-0-323-03329-9&eid=4-u1.0-B978-0-323-03329-9..X5001-6--TOP  

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