Blessing-Rieman College of Nursing: Why Choose Us?

Blessing-Rieman has a national reputation for nursing education excellence. Our program options, combining clinical experience with one-on-one support, draw students from across the country.

Highlights of our programs include:

  • Real-world experience that translates into career opportunities: Blessing-Rieman assists you in building the skills and clinical reasoning needed to secure a well-paying job. Students receive training in a multimillion dollar Simulation Center. In addition, students receive hands-on clinical experiences in a variety of settings for three years. Find out more about clinical experiences and our primary clinical site location, Blessing Hospital.
  • Nursing and liberal arts education in one program: Working with select partner colleges, you get the best of both worlds. You receive your nursing education from a program that has been educating nurses for more than 125 years. Our partner colleges provide courses in areas such as science and writing to assist you in becoming a well-rounded nursing professional. These institutions also offer extracurricular activities, such as athletics, sororities, and fraternities, to enhance your college life experience. Read more about our partner organizations.
  • Accreditation: Our Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education. We maintain this recognition of quality by consistently providing our students with the best possible nursing education. Find out more about accreditation.

BSN Program Options Available at Blessing-Rieman

Whether you are fresh out of high school or would like to take your job to the next level, our BSN program options help you move forward in your career.

Our BSN program includes the following options:

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN): This traditional four-year option is for recent high school graduates or college students who have earned 12 or fewer credit hours. Find out more about Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN).
  • BSN Transfer Option: Our transfer option is available to students who have completed 13 or more credit hours at another institution. Read more about our BSN Transfer Option.
  • BSN as a second degree: This option is for students who have earned a bachelor’s or higher degree in a non-nursing field. Students complete the requirements for a BSN in two years. Learn more about our Second Degree BSN Option.
  • RN to BSN: This distance learning (online) option allows practicing registered nurses (RNs) to complete their BSN. Find out more about our RN to BSN online option.

Contact Us

For additional information about our programs or how to apply, contact us at 217-228-5520. To apply to one of our programs, please contact us at or apply now.