New/Returning Student Registration Forms

*All forms that require a signature must be handwritten. Typed signatures are not acceptable*

Background Check Release Form (new or re-admitted students)

Student Nursing Liability Insurance Forms (nursing students only- all, annually)

***If you are a returning Junior or Senior student and have purchased or renewed your policy, please submit a copy of your paid certificate of insurance to Scott Geschwandner, Student Services Officer.  Once coverage is verified your account will be credited $35***

Honor Code (new or re-admitted Students)

ICARE (new or re-admitted students

Policy Notice (new or re-admitted students)

Parking Policy (new or re-admitted students)

Student Code of Conduct (Informational only)

Affirmation Statement (new or re-admitted students)

Student Information Form (all, annually)

Personal Health Assessment (all, annually)

Vehicle Information Form (new, re-admitted students or if change of information occurs)

Mental Health Disclosure Form (optional or if change of information occurs)

FERPA Release Form (optional or if change of information occurs)

Media Release Form (all students or if change of information occurs)

Financial Aid Forms

Financial Aid Application

Reimbursement Request

Verification Worksheets

Standard Verification Worksheet

Custom Verification Worksheet

Aggregate Verification Worksheet

Federal Direct Loan Forms

PLUS Loan Data Sheet- 2017-18

Student Loan Data Sheet - 2017-18

Entrance Counseling

Master Promissory Note

Parent PLUS Master Promissory Note

Parent PLUS Application

Student Services

Flu Shot Waiver

Hep B Waiver

Insurance Waiver

Measles Waiver

Mumps Waiver

TB Waiver

Tdap Waiver

Student Code of Conduct Report Form

Student Suggestion Form

Silent Witness Form


Change of Name & Address Form

Withdrawal Form

Return from LOA Form


Change Forms

Change of Advisor-Chair Form

Project Forms

Project Committee Approval Form

Project Completion Form

Thesis Forms

Thesis Committee Approval Form

Thesis Completion Form