Your Nursing Career 

Nursing is a noble profession and a great career choice! 

Thinking about a career in nursing? 

Here is some information that may help you decide whether nursing is right for you: Nursing is a wonderful career opportunity in so many ways. Professional nurses make a difference in the lives of patients and their families every day. You can work almost anywhere in the country, or around the world! It’s a growing field, with leadership positions, new fields opening, and unlimited potential. Currently there is a nursing shortage and salaries are increasing, with many areas and institutions also providing sign-on bonuses. There is fierce competition in the recruitment of BSN graduates – most students have a job way before graduation. The hardest part is deciding which one to choose!

Great Salaries!

Salaries are most dependent on the location and type of employment, as well as the training, expertise, experience and competency of each nurse. Studies report the need for RNs and Nurse Practitioners will continue to rise as the current staff retires.  Follow these links to learn more about nursing salaries and statistics: 

You can choose the setting that interests you - and work anywhere in the world! 

  • Hospital - acute care setting, which means patients are more ill and require more complicated intervention.
  • Nursing home - care of older people. Physician’s office (routine visits, "normal" office hours).
  • Health Department - emphasis on public health, health education, and preventative care.
  • Home health - home visits.
  • Occupational health - school nurse or employee health nurse.
  • Hospice – care for terminally ill patients.
  • Legal Nurse Consultant – help with legal questions involving health.
  • World Health organizations – organizations like the Red Cross, or the National Center for Disease Control.
  • Armed services – nursing in the Army, Navy, or Air Force.
  • Flight Nurse – fly on air ambulance or organ donation transport flights.
  • Traveling nurse – take assignments wherever you are needed.
  • Nurse educator – teach nursing or continuing education courses.
  • Nursing Administration – leadership roles in a variety of settings.
  • Advanced Practice Nurse - get certification or a degree in a specialty.