Before attending classes for the first semester, you are required to submit copies of the following (no exceptions will be made): 

  • BRCN Registration forms.  
    • Please download the forms under the “Student Services” section titled “Forms for Registration” on the Student Forms page, fill them out, and email them to   
  • Two MMR immunizations or lab or physician certified evidence of immunity. Waiver available upon request.
  • Hepatitis B Series. This is a three-step series with the second injection coming one month after the first and the third coming 5 months after the second injection. There are a total of three injections. Waiver available upon request.
  • A Mantoux TB skin test. If this is your first TB test or more than two years have lapsed since you last received it you are required to get a two-step TB test. The 2-step is as follows: initial test is done and read 48 hours later; 2nd test is done one-to-two weeks (no more than 21 day) later and is read 48-72 hours later. After the two-step test, you are required to have one done annually. Waiver available upon request.
  • Tetanus (Td) within the last 10 years. Waiver available upon request.

If you choose to waiver out of receiving any immunizations understand that you may be asked to leave clinical due to outbreaks or patient safety.  You will also be responsible for the time lost. Be aware when scheduling  immunizations that there could be a wait between injections if you are having more than one immunization done. Contact your local health department if you have any questions about multiple immunizations. There is a 30 day wait between the first and second Hepatitis injections, and a five month wait between the second and third Hepatitis injections. Annual TB skin test does not conflict with other injections, and may be taken at any time. TB skin tests are available without cost from most Public Health clinics.

  • CPR - The CPR certificate must be American Heart Association, BLS for Healthcare Provider. Classes are conducted by Blessing Hospital. For information contact Education Services at ext 4830. You may also visit the American Heart Association's web site to find other locations and times. Estimated cost - $60 (every 2 years).
  • Criminal Background Check. Every student is required to do a background check no more than 60 days prior to the first day of class, but no later than the end of the first week of classes. This is done online and is needed from the student’s home state and/or Illinois. Information about how to access the web page can be found at the below. (Only for initial entry and re-entry into the program)

Student Criminal Background Check Policy Statement

All Blessing-Rieman College of Nursing & Health Sciences students are required to undergo a criminal background check prior to beginning clinical at the sophomore level. The Illinois State Law authorizing this check is the “Health Care Worker Background Check Act.” The law was enacted for the protection of the frail and disabled citizens of the State of Illinois. The academic programs of Blessing-Rieman College of Nursing & Health Sciences require clinical experiences that may include the treatment of children,developmentally disabled, or vulnerable adults. The criminal background check includes self-disclosure of your criminal history and investigation of your criminal history by the Illinois State Highway Patrol and/or in the state in which the student has permanent residence.  
The student has a right to (a) obtain a copy of the criminal record report, (b) challenge the accuracy and completeness and (c) request a waiver.

The student may be withdrawn from clinical courses or may be dismissed from the program if the Criminal History Record Check shows a conviction of any of the criminal offenses. Click here for a nonexclusive list of disqualifying offenses.       

Directions for completing the student background check:

(Only for initial entry and re-entry into the program)

1. Access the background check link:

  • Drug Screen. Every student must submit to a drug screen no more than 30 days prior to the first day of class, but no later than the end of the first week of classes. This must be done through Blessing Physician Services ( Office of Sports and Occupational Medicine. Suite 101 927 Broadway. Quincy IL.) To schedule an appointment call (217) 223-8400 x 7950 (Only for initial entry and re-entry into the program) 
  • Proof of Health Insurance. A copy of the card. Contact the Student Service Officer for information about private coverage plans. BRCN does not sell health insurance nor process health insurance claims.
  • $10 for your mailbox key and badge backer, cash only.

Dress Code

Required clothing items to purchase-estimated cost $125:

  • Blessing Blue Scrubs with BRCN logo
  • Lab coat or scrub jacket (optional)
  • BRCN Polo Shirt (nursing students only)

All items can be purchased at The Attic located on the 1401 Broadway in Quincy, IL.
Or at the BRCN Online Store:
**Gently Used Scrubs are available at the Blessing-Rieman Caring Cupboard in the Student Services Building**

All students are required to comply with the following dress code during pre-clinical, lab, and/or clinical experiences unless otherwise stated in a course syllabus:

Wear only clean, pressed, well fitting (not tight) BRCN uniforms.  

  • Shoes that are soft soled and skid resistant.   Shoes must be cleaned and polished with a closed top and toe. Shoes must be professional in appearance.  No canvas or cloth shoes are to be worn.  Shoelaces and socks are to be clean and in good repair socks (No clogs).
  • Wear a mid-thigh to knee length BRCN  lab coat/scrub jacket that buttons down the front.
  • Maintain a clean, well-groomed physical appearance. Hair must be secured and off of the collar. 
  • Semi-professional dress with a lab coat/scrub jacket and identification is required for pre-clinical preparations unless otherwise stated in course syllabus.  No sandals, open toe shoes, jeans, or sweat suits are allowed at any time.
  • Jewelry is discouraged for infection control requirements; however, 2 sets per ear of small, post earrings, one chain, one wedding or personal ring is allowed.  NO bracelets are allowed on wrists.  Anklet bracelets must be covered and worn under socks or hose. 
  • Artificial nails are not allowed.  All body piercing or tattoos deemed offensive in nature must be covered.
  • Strong perfume, cologne, and after-shave are discouraged in the clinical areas due to patient sensitivity.  

Additional details about the dress code may be found in the Program Catalog & Student Handbook.


  • The Blessing-Rieman College of Nursing polo shirt and khaki slacks or skirt are worn when representing the College.  Examples of events that represent the College are professional service activities, recruitment events, and some clinical experiences in the community or at community agencies.  Please note, blue BRCN polo shirts are available at the Attic Scrub shop

Clinical Supplies
Required Clinical Items to purchase- estimated cost $120:

  • Water resistant watch with a second hand (Smart watches not allowed)
  • Stethoscope
  • Pen light
  • Blood pressure cuff - adult (nursing students only)

Other Supplies 
The following items will be purchased when you attend one of the Registration Days.  Registration Days occur 2 business days before class begin though the first 2 days of classes.
At this time Basic, Transfer, and AP students come to the Student Services Building to receive their  BRCN email username and password, check to see if all registration forms have been submitted, sign additional documentation required as well as pay $10 (check or cash) for following items: 

Mailbox Key
Parking Sticker
Name Badge

Estimated Student Services Costs*

Books/per semester - $600

Scrubs(one-time purchase) - $125

Clinical Supplies (one-time purchase) - $120

CPR (every 2 years) - $60

Mailbox key and Badge backer (one-time fee) - $10

*This does not include Health Insurance, Vehicle Insurance or Immunizations.