Welcome RN-BSN and MSN Students!

Below you will find helpful resources that makes online learning more convenient for you.

Student Services Requirements

Once you have been accepted you will need to complete forms for our Student Services Department. Click here to access forms. Please complete all forms under the Student Services Section.

You can either complete these forms in a Word document and email them to Scott Geschwandner, studentservices@brcn.edu or print and mail them to:

Blessing-Rieman College 
Attn: Student Services
PO Box 7005
Quincy, IL 62305

Financial Aid Information

Next, you will need to contact the Financial Aid office to complete the appropriate financial aid forms and talk with our Financial Aid Coordinator, Erin McHargue at 1-800-877-9140, ext. 6993.
Click here for more information about Financial Aid.

Academic Advising

To register for classes you will use your Academic Advisors. For RN-BSN and the first year of the RN-MSN program, you will work with Becky White, MSN, RN, Coordinator of the RN-BSN Program.
She is available by email bwhite@brcn.edu or by phone at 1-800-877-9140 Ext. 6986

For  MSN program you will work with Lori Sprenger, PhD, RN, Associate Professor & Master's Program Coordinator.

She is available by email lsprenger@brcn.edu or by phone at 1-800-877-9140 Ext. 6923

Course Materials and Text Books

To order course materials and text books please visit our Book List page.
*Please have books and course materials prior to the first day of class.*

Additional Resources

An important part of online learning is making sure you have the tools and skills you need to be successful! Below are links that give quick tutorials that may boost your skills and abilities navigating online courses:

Below is a list of additional resources that will assist you once you have begun your courses.

Learning Resource Center (assistance with paper writing)

Blessing Health Professions Library

Information Technology Resources and Contact Information

To test your computer and ensure you have the optimal standards to successfully access all of the online portals please click here:

Email and Online Learning Portals
Online Learning Computer Guidelines