The purpose of BRCN's student organizations is to allow students to participate in social activities and to promote health care through group-sponsored events.  The Student Nurses' Organization (SNO) and the Student Health Sciences Organization (SHSO) host joint meetings which include education session of interest to students.  SNO coordinates trips to the National Student Nurses' Association (NSNA) convention and the Student Nurses Association of Illinois (SNAI) convention.  SNO and SHSO also sponsor many events throughout the year such as bowling nights, picnics, blood drives and paint nights. SNO and SHSO are open to all students, and is governed by its members through officers elected by students. Faculty and staff serve as advisors. The student organizations are a great place to meet people, have fun, and practice your leadership skills.

SHSO Executive Board 2018 

President: Conner Kelle
Vice President: Allison Sutter

SNO Executive Board 2018

President: Shanna Garrison 
Vice President: Jennifer Goings
Treasurer: Natalie Jones
Junior Reps: Peyton Bonds, Gavin McDaniel, Ashley Bickhaus
Sophomore Rep: Shelby DeMint

If you wish to run for the officer election, please complete the  Officer Letter of Intent form.

To learn more about the nation and state-wide Student Associations click on the link below or visit the websites:
SNAI Fact Sheet